Welcome to our website we are a website that hopes to take you on a journey explaining all the different prawn recipes that everyone enjoys nowadays in our day to day ingredients. It will cover topics like, how to cook prawns on a BBQ, all the different types of prawns available and recipes from countries like India, Italy, Spain and also Portugal.

Prawns vary in size with a sweet, firm meaty flesh, they are small crustaceans with a long thin body. Always popular with people at seasides and with many of us on Thanksgiving as a starter. Most are found in oceans and they tend to swim or drift in the water. Like the Shrimp, the Prawn does tend to prefer to swim in warmer waters.

When we look at all the recipes available concerning prawn dishes we fast learn that prawns are becoming an everyday ingredient; On our website, we will take a look at different recipes from different countries understanding the characteristics of this distinctive species we all love to eat in many dishes so much.

Good To Eat All Year Round!

One of the great things about prawns is it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, they can be eaten all year round and are great not just served at parties but served at BBQ’s. Learning how to cook prawns at a BBQ is covered on our website. Prawn recipes can vary from country to country and different ways and different styles are enjoyed all year round. People simply aren’t aware of all the different types of prawns on the market and that is what we tend to cover.

One question that is always asked amongst them who love prawns is, what is the best type of prawn to eat with different dishes? For instance, if you love to cook curries what prawns should you use? What are the best prawns to put on a BBQ? These are all things covered on our website.

Choosing prawns can be complicated. People forget the importance of choosing the correct prawns, and the first thing you must do when picking them is to always remeber to smell them, if they don’t smell right they may be off. Understand that choosing prawns that are nice and fresh and contains flesh that is clear and not misty is important.

Always remember not to over buy, many of us over buy fish and then let it go off, make sure you know the occasion you are buying for and the amount you will need, don’t over buy. Also make sure you are buying your prawns from a sustainable fishery. Those who show an interest in caring for the enviroment are always the best fisheries to buy from. We hope you enjoy reading our website.