Should you or should you not BBQ Prawns? This tends to be a commonly asked question, especially in Europe and certain parts of America. Prawns can be extremely tasty both on and off a BBQ. They will always be quick and easy to cook on a BBQ and a great treat at parties.

One of the things people forget when putting prawns on a BBQ is that if you do not pat them on a piece of paper and add a bit of oil to them, they do not brown well due to the excess moisture that comes from them.

So How Do You Cook Prawns On A BBQ?

Well, first start by removing them from their shells, then brush them with a bit of oil and season them with a sprinkle of salt. Then prepare your skewers, thread 4-5 prawns on the skewers and make sure they are close together. Lastly, place them on the BBQ in the hottest spot and when they are golden brown try to remember spinning them regularly is important as well as checking they are cooked on both sides. Some people have been known to cook them with the shells on.

How Are They Served Best After Being Cooked On A BBQ?

Prawns can be served either just on a skewer or you can eat them in a healthy salad. Some people like them in a Paella dish at a party, adding them to a rice cooked dish after being cooked on a BBQ is also a tasty treat. You can also add garlic to them and serve them as garlic BBQ prawns.

There are many ways to eat prawns on a BBQ. You can try lots of different recipes like marinating them in a garlic and lemon seasoning for 30 minutes and then BBQ-ing them. You can serve them with a potato salad even. Prawns are also a great addition to many scallop recipes.

A great idea for a salad is to remove them from the skewers and toss them with a touch of mango, some cherry tomatoes and then add a nice dressing of natural yogurt. BBQ prawns are great eaten in many ways. Learn to enjoy them by themselves or in a mixed salad, either way, they are extremely tasty.

Is it Important To Peel Your Prawns Before You BBQ Them?

This depends on preference. Some people prefer to cook them in the shells and others prefer cooking them on skewers. Cooked in shells both prawns and shrimp keep a lot of flavors so many people do not peel them from the shell. Shells also protect them from overcooking, but most of us when stood at a BBQ stand and watch anyway, so we know when to turn them and stop them from over-cooking.