There around 2000 different types of prawns. The most popular one tends to be the giant freshwater prawn. Many people love prawns but to name all of them would take all day; let’s take a look at the top ten that we all love so much. Those we all enjoy eating daily and use in many of our dishes.

1. The Giant Freshwater Prawn

This prawn tends to be the most popular and used in many Thai recipes. They come in a box normally of around eight prawns. They are extremely large and found all across southeast Asia. You can purchase them in most international supermarkets in the frozen section.

2. Crevettes

These prawns are great if you are going on a picnic with friends or even if you want a prawn cocktail. The larger ones are extremely tasty. These are prawns you often find local restaurants serving as a starter in a yummy prawn cocktail.

3. Langoustine

Have you ever wondered what Scampi is made from? Well, they are made from Langoustine. You may find people love these on a BBQ as the shells tend to roast and make them taste extremely nice. They are extremely delicious and with so much choice, it pays to take your time choosing how you are going to eat these yummy prawns.

4. Tiger Prawns

Tiger Prawns are fantastic on that BBQ or tend to be served and used in curry dishes. They are great to eat either on their own or in maybe a paella and a nice curry. Many people use these prawns in South East Asia.

5. Easy Peel Prawns

These are unbelievable on a BBQ incredibly tasty. Just pop them on a skewer and they go down as a treat with guests or just at a family get together. Easy to cook and extremly tasty to eat as a starter or snack at a party.

6. Cocktail Prawn

These are a bit bigger and longer than the average cocktail prawn you normally eat in a yummy prawn cocktail. These prawns are extremely nice on a sandwich. You can eat them at any time of the day but as a snack, on a sandwich, they are extremely tasty.

7. King Prawns

These are very long prawns and found in Australia. They are also extremely popular amongst the Australians and eaten at those BBQs or in a salad. They are extremely rich in flavor and their tails tend to be blue at the end.

8. Banana Prawns

Like actual bananas, these prawns are extremely sweet in taste and there two types. The regular Banana prawn has red legs and white banana prawns have cream legs with a hint of yellow. Both are great for adding to a number of sweet dishes.