We all know that in India, prawns are mainly used in curry dishes, they add flavor to most spices and are loved in India for that reason alone. What prawns are the best used in curries, however? Well, you can use most prawns in Indian food dishes, but it tends to mainly be freshwater prawns that are used in India itself. There is no word that can actually describe Indian food, other than maybe “tasty.”

Have You Ever Wanted that Classic Prawn Curry But Can’t Get The Spices Correct?

One of the things that Indians do that most of us can’t come close to mastering is that they are extremely talented at using the correct use of spices. Everyone must at some point have sat and thought why are they so much better at it than us? How come when I cook a curry it doesn’t taste anything like it does if you visit an Indian restaurant? This is mainly down to them being very talented at mixing the correct spices and adding them to most curry dishes.

To make that perfect curry you need to be following recipes from known chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor, try following actual professional chefs if you want that great taste of India in your food. When using spices, you need to understand the correct amount to mix. The wrong spices will lead to you not getting that dish you want. You will need to purchase the spices from a store, then measure the correct amount out. One of the favorite cooked dishes amongst most Indians is a prawn Biriyani. This dish served with a garlic nan bread is a great treat on most nights of the week.

Other Dishes That Aren’t Curries

Prawns can be added to many dishes in most countries and in India, there are a lot of dishes that are served at the start of the meal or maybe in a kebab dish, prawn skewers are also tasty and served in some Indian restaurants. Concerning Indian food prawns if asked can actually be added to most dishes. Prawns will always be a favorite amongst most throughout Europe and across America.

There are a number of Indian dishes that don’t contain prawns, for example, many of these you will find are starters in a restaurant. These can range from Samosas to a Chicken Pakora. In India, many enjoy the food served and you have a wide choice to choose from. India will always be filled with tasty food and fun restaurants.

One this is sure and that is Indian food is a great way to add prawns into your diet. Prawns are used in almost most curries, if you are after a curry that is tasty then you are probably guaranteed to have the ingredient prawns in the dish.